“We must act like any wartime government…” Said on 17 March 2020, BoJo the pitiful party clown on a terminating lease at 10 Downing Street – possibly soon to be recycled to head NATO… Sounding the call for “a fight” against a “deadly enemy”, six days before announcing the widespread lockdown of the entire population, one of a number of “steps that are unprecedented since World War 2″…

On March 27, 2022, i.e. a month after the start of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, programmed by the Pentagon’s manipulations, Christine Lagarde, the miserable, uneducated stooge from Washington, delinquent in a Chanel amnestied as soon as she was convicted, and promoted President of the European Central Bank, explained that “The war is expected to have a considerable impact on the global economy, and especially on the European economy due to Europe’s proximity to Russia and dependence on Russian gas and oil. It will likely lower euro area growth and push up inflation in the short term through higher energy and commodity prices, confidence effects and the disruption of international trade… ECB staff have prepared two alternative scenarios: an adverse and a severe one…”

On May 27, 2022, during the Davos meeting, Scholz, the German cum-ex trader and warden of the American Union in Brussels’ Europe, detailed a package of “sanctions that are tougher and further-reaching than any previously imposed on a country… Nonetheless, this restructuring will have an impact on Europe’s economies… Particularly as the special phase of globalisation we have experienced in North America and Europe during the last 30 years – with reliable growth, a high level of added value and low inflation – is coming to an inevitable end…Yes, we are experiencing a watershed. History is at a turning point”.

On 13 June 2022, at the opening of the Eurosatory land armament fair in Villepinte, Macron, the comical Atlanticist pacifist arms dealer finally admitted that we had “entered a war economy in which I believe we will durably organise ourselves”.

What then is this war that the states have declared on an invisible enemy, so imperiously necessary that it would justify very visibly destroying entire shops of the generalised global overproduction?

What is this so-called “other” war that, as soon as it begins, is immediately condemned to last, despite the “considerable impact” that it will have on the global economy, and especially on the European economy”?

What are these “sanctions” that will have “tougher and further-reaching” impacts in  “restructuring our economies“?

What is this indispensable “restructuring” that requires “our economies” to “durably”  become “war economies“?

To understand all the statist-terrorist madness that expresses the truth of the present time, whether it be sanitary or military, immigrationist, climatic or LGBTist, religious or riff-raffist, we must always return to the centrality of what makes the totality of the unfolding of the world universally unified in the progress of market alienation. It is the implacable law of the falling rate of profit – Capital’s fatal auto-immune disease – and the resulting demented saturation of the markets, which made it necessary to stop the world economy by a lockdown which certainly constituted an act of war by Capital, but against itself, and this in the hope of being able to restart later on, as it did after its two world Butcheries of the 20th century…

It goes without saying that the spectacle of the commodity, not being able to designate itself as intrinsically pathogenic by nature, is forced to justify its colossal economic bloodletting by the fantastic existence of a deadly external infectious agent. The war in Ukraine then came to act out the failure of the first “viral” phase of the war of lies, its incapacity to allow a real restart of capitalist valorisation, and the necessary passage to a second phase of destruction by the massive economic bombardment of Europe under the pretext of sanctions against Russia, the latter inheriting here the role of the scarecrow previously assigned to the Coronavirus…

The war economy is the crisis moment of the necessary state-administered reconversion of the forces of production of Capital into forces of destruction: the moment when Capital has to amputate itself in order to try to save itself... However, this annihilation, which is indispensable at the level of the world market, does not take place indiscriminately, but within the geo-political framework of the existing competitive power struggle between the different capitalist blocs which are the most technologically advanced in the machinic extortion of the surplus value produced exclusively by the exploited proletarians.

The specificity of the current war is that its real protagonists, the US and Europe, remain hidden behind the veil of a forced geo-commercial alliance which poorly conceals the fact that the bruxellised European vassal is forced by its Yankee overlord to both self-devastate and reject its natural capitalist Russian ally, in order to prevent a unified and independent mercantile Europe coming to definitively challenge Uncle Sam and the fake hegemony of the magical dollar over the decaying commodity-planet.

Reality never lies and, in order to understand the conflicts that are really at work, you have to know how to listen to it… The United States wants at all costs to separate high-tech Europe from Russia’s vast energy reserves, by pushing the latter into the Asian spaces of a capitalism that is still massively backward

Capital has entered a mortal crisis, but it wants to believe itself eternal and is frantically seeking to reconfigure itself. The second mythological phase of the Coronavi-Russian war, by cutting Europe off from an essential part of its hydrocarbon supply, will accelerate the obligatory ecologically-transitional energy delirium, the ultimate diminishing capitalist hope of a rediscovered progression, as little “clean” as it is totally chimerical

The times to come will therefore be decisive and the sacred union of politico-syndicalist rackets working to conceal both the perfidies of the States’ imposture and the burning volcano of the growing abstentionism of proletarian anger, will obviously end up disintegrating in the incendiary and communard return of the European refractory proletariat…

For the European capitalist class, the dilemma is now the following: to consume its submission to the United States to the dregs by completing its self-destruction and to assume the social war that it will inevitably engender; or to terminate its Atlantic alliance and substitute a continental union with Russia, that is to say to support the open conflict with the United States… AND this same social war that the latter will also inevitably engender…

For their part, the men of Genuine Enjoyment will be without dilemma. They know that there is only one way to emancipation from all exploitation and alienation: World Class War against all the states of the commodity-planet!

To put a definitive end to the infernal cycle of the wars of Having… Long live the war of Being towards THE UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY FOR A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY, WITHOUT WAGE-LABOUR, AND WITHOUT STATE!